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San Francisco-based DNN is a leading CMS and social community design corporation. DNN hired Ryan Martinez to re-imagine the overall user experience and design of both DNN’s social and content platforms, with the end goal of making the product easier to use for marketing professionals and content managers with non-technical backgrounds.


  • User Research
  • Persona Development
  • User Testing
  • Project Management
  • Prototype Design & Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

Success Story


Based in San Francisco, California, DNN is the world’s leading open source content management system built on .NET. The DNN content management platform is the CMS of choice for major corporations like Bank of America, Bose, BP, Comcast, Samsung, NASA, Pfizer, and 750,000 other customers. DNN is unique in the .NET space as it is supported by a rich developer community – and this developer support has been critical to its success.


While re-designing the original DNN platform to be easier to use, Ryan strived to create a solution that would appeal to marketers. However, Ryan and DNN quickly found that changing the platform was suddenly leaving developers behind.

The DNN platform hosted a great deal of wording and documentation that didn’t apply to administrators, as well as a number of advanced developer features that administrators found confusing and unnecessary.


On Account of Ryan Martinez’ track record in creating fantastic products and experiences, DNN chose to consult with him. With over two successful DNN projects behind him, Ryan was in a strong position to create an effective solution.

Over the course of 6 months, Ryan worked with DNN to develop easier-to-use experiences for both marketers and developers. In an effort to please administrators, Ryan proposed an entirely experience / interaction paradigm.

Thanks to Ryan’s work, DNN’s administrative user experience offers unique functions and features and is easily accessible and more appealing to use for marketers and content managers.

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